ProSense offers advisory services and monitoring for the establishment and/or adaptation of the total capital and financial structure of international and domestic organizations, large or small. In addition to its knowledge of all aspects of finance, ProSense delivers actual, practical experience for the establishment, negotiation and successful conclusion of finance arrangements. Its accumulated experience is equivalent to around 5 billion Euro in concluded transactions, both public and private, including a number of “market firsts”. A wide variety of organizational backgrounds were involved in these financial transactions, and activities ranged from the optimization of the balance sheet and the replacement and/or restructuring of existing finance arrangements to takeovers, mergers and project finance. ProSense also assesses important matters such as internal financing, efficiency, cost price and duration on behalf of clients. Our approach takes your expected development profile for the organization into consideration, as well as mid- and long-terms effects wherever measurable. You can call on ProSense to handle the entire process or just certain parts of it, entirely according to the expertise you already have.